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first responders in the next year will struggle with some or all of the above symptoms

About Us

The back story of IH2

IH2 births from its founder, Stephen Johnson. Stephen worked as a firefighter paramedic, flight medic and technical rescue technician in the metropolitan area of Phoenix, Arizona for over fourteen years.

In 2006, with less than one year on the job, Stephen was exposed two traumatic pediatric death calls in a period of 60 days. Those calls in the first year had a profound effect on Stephen. With unhealed trauma, the calls continued to stack upon themselves. Trauma calls involving young children continued to inflict their hurt through the years. Pain, anger, frustration and despair set in.

After living with undiagnosed PTSD for over 10 years, help finally arrived.

Stephen started down the path of healing through much encouragement from his family and friends. By the grace of God, help from his wife, and a very timely introduction to a therapist named Libby Timmons, Stephen began to heal. With a retreat to Salt Lake City and deep intensive work, the pain started to subside, and a new life began to emerge. Hope of a new dawn began to rise in Stephen’s heart. Even as the healing continued, the journey as a firefighter came to an end in 2018 and Stephen medically retired after 14 years of service.

With a new-found joy for life and a burden to help others find their own freedom and healing, The IH2 Foundation was born.


We help first responders by walking them through
the following steps:


“Cardiologist look at the heart, pulmonologists look at the lungs, orthopedic doctors look at the bones, Psychiatric doctors are the only ones who guess.”  -Dr. Daniel Amen, Founder Amen Clinics

No amount of counseling fixes anger and depression if there is a tumor in your head. All those who come to the IH2 foundation are taken to our partners at the Amen Clinic for a detail brain scan with a comprehensive follow up plan from which all healing begins. UNLOADING TRAUMA RETREAT

Healing begins when we start unloading the heavy burdens we carry. Victims of trauma and PTSD carry weights of guilt, resentment and shame. Each participant is taken for a 5-6 day live in intensive week of healing with other first responders. By keeping each group small, each participant gets the opportunity to work independently with our staff and share their story in a safe and supporting environment. It’s here that we begin to uncover the pieces of hurt that have been causing us so much pain.


We believe in wholistic healing. This means we are not just concerned with the brain, but the entire body. Here areas such as diet, exercise, hormones, supplements and medication are addressed so that each participant is given all they need to not only feel better and heal, but to live the life they were meant for.


Each participant is set up with a counselor of their choice in their own home town. IH2 connects with individual counselors to ensure that your treatment goals and plans are supported after you leave our facility.


Each participant is given life time access to our backend website, our staff and a community of support to help foster and support their healing. Our journeys are life long and we are concerned about you for the long haul.


IH2 understands that traditional therapy and healing is and can be expensive. We also understand that the best help often isn’t paid for by insurance. The IH2 Foundation is designed with the help of our generous donors, to offset the cost of healing for first responders. It’s our mission to make that which seems impossible, possible.

We understand first responders don’t always have the available funds necessary to get the help they need. While each participant is encouraged to have “skin” in the game as we call it, IH2 helps make up the difference by giving back financially to those who have given their lives to serve others.

It’s time there was a 911 system for our first responders.

What do you do when the pain of life, the job, the relationships with coworkers, all become too much? What do you do when all you know and love, unravels? What do you do when you’re abandoned, passed over, shamed and rejected by those in the “brotherhood?”

We want you to know that there is a place where you can turn to for help. A place where you can find healing and acceptance. If this is you, you no longer have to continue living in the pain. You no longer have to continue to hurt and feel the despair of wondering what’s wrong, and never getting better.


To us your more than a number. More than just an employee. More than just a police officer, firefighter, dispatcher or EMS worker. We know that you are a father, a mother, a son, a daughter, one who has given your life to serve others who are in need.

For that, we honor you!

We know that rarely in life is there a safe place where first responders can get help. We know the shame, the pain and the hurt you carry. We know the agony of feeling like your all alone while standing in a crowd. We feel the burden you carry because we too have carried that burden. We too have felt the ridicule, the rejection and agony of pain that unlike any others in our world, first responders alone carry.

In all this, we want you to know, we have an answer for you.

An answer of HOPE!


The IH2-Foundation is a nonprofit 501.c3 organization dedicated to helping first responders (firefighters, cops, dispatchers and military members) who face the struggles of trauma, Post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) and the shame that first responders often feel. We are committed to helping men and women not only find the path of healing for their lives, but to help fund that path through the donations of those who partner with us.

The IH2 Foundation is committed to the following core values:

Wholistic healing

We do more than just fix a bad call or two, more than just re-frame tough moments in your career. We believe it's deeper than that. We believe healing happens from the inside out. It’s not till we touch the core of the issues, till we get to the place where our real pain resides, do we begin to be made anew. Our focus is to help the body, mind and soul all work in harmony so we can experience life abundantly.


The healing journey is often unkept, raw and real. We encourage deep authentic sharing no matter what. We are willing to walk through the muck of raw emotion to help facilitate the unloading of trauma, healing and recovery.

Personal accountability

Each person who enters our program must do so for their own reasons. We encourage individual accountability and ownership of one’s journey. We are here to support your journey toward wholeness, not control or dictate it.


No man is an island, nor are we as an organization. Our focus is to utilize the best counselors, therapists, doctors, pastors, friends and family members to help bring about the healing process. Our foundation is built on the financial donations, service and prayers of those support our work. Together we are better.



We want to hear from you. Tell us a bit about your story. Make sure to leave your contact information so that we can get back to you as soon as possible.