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We can’t help you if we don’t know you exist. We can’t make a difference if you remain anonymous. The first step to healing is to reach out and let us know what’s going on. We will then follow up with as soon as humanly possible.


We know that each person is unique. We understand that the challenges one faces may not be the same as others. For this very reason we work with each participant to ensure your healing plan is unique and customized to your exact needs.


In our program, you’re never alone. Our goal is to walk with you during the time you are with us and after you leave us. Healing is done in community, not isolation. We are committed to walking with you through your healing journey.


The following steps are what we ourselves have worked through to find our own healing. Our goal is to help taylor a healing plan that is specific to your individual needs. Below are the general steps we walk people through:

Step 1: Get a Brain Scan (Optional)

Brain Scans are a great first step. While optional in nature in the healing process, we highly encourage this step. No amount of counseling fixes anger and depression if there is a tumor in your head. All those who choose are taken to our partners at the Amen Clinic for a detail brain scan with a comprehensive follow up plan from which all healing begins.

Cardiologist look at the heart, pulmonologists look at the lungs, orthopedic doctors look at the bones, Psychiatric doctors are the only ones who guess.”

-Dr. Daniel Amen, Founder Amen Clinics

Step 2: Unload the Hurt

Unloading the hurt is where the freedom began for us. Healing begins when we start unloading the heavy burdens we carry. Victims of unresolved trauma, PTSD, PTSI carry weights of guilt, resentment and shame. Each of our participants is taken for a 5-6 day live intensive week of healing with other First Responders. By keeping each group small, each participant gets the opportunity to work independently with our staff and share their story in a safe and supporting environment. It’s here that we begin to uncover the pieces of hurt that have been causing us so much pain. Locations of these retreats vary depending of the location of the participants involved.

Step 3: Heal the Rest

Healing the rest is a critical step. By this we mean we believe in wholistic healing. (Yes, we spelt “wholistic” that way on purpose). We believe in wholistic healing. This means we are not just concerned with the brain, but the entire body. Here areas such as diet, exercise, hormones, supplements and medication are addressed so that each participant is given all they need to not only feel better, but to feel better faster.

Step 4: Connect with Others:

Connection with others is crucial. Our journeys are life long and we are concerned about you for the long haul. Each participant is set up with a counselor of their choice in their own home town. IH2 connects with individual counselors to ensure that your treatment goals and plans are supported after you leave our facility. Sometimes the best sources of healing our the relationships we make with others while we heal. Our program is designed to bridge and foster deep relationships that you can lean in on when your back at home.


Here are a few other things we want you to keep in mind:

Financial Support:

IH2 understands that traditional therapy and healing is and can be expensive. We also understand that the best help often isn’t paid for by insurance. The IH2 Foundation is supported by the help of our generous donors. These donors help offset the cost of healing for First Responders. It’s our mission to make that which seems impossible, possible.

We understand First Responders don’t always have the available funds necessary to get the help they need. While each participant is encouraged to have “skin” in the game as we call it, IH2 helps make up the difference by giving back financially to those who have given their lives to serve others.

We don’t ever want money to be the issue you don’t get the healing you need.

Call us before you say “I can’t afford it.”

IH2 Foundation: 480-383-9054 (ask for Stephen)

Your healing starts by connnecting with us: